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Hello Jed, Hello Ellee
I Ken Pearce would like to apologize to anybody who was offended by the language or the rude behavior of my pit after the Main Senior 4 Stroke at IMI.

Jed I would have done the same thing. I have three daughters and would be very anxious if they were to race karts. This was my first race and I did not feel good about the outcome after the incident with Ellee. I really felt that there was plenty of room going through that corner behind Gonzallis. Jed I feel bad about this incident and want to say that I am sorry for any grief caused race day.

Ellee I talked to you at the track but still fell bad about the race. Only you and I really know the events that occurred going into the corner. I am new to racing and maybe to aggressive. Please accept my apology for anything that happened race day.

Sincerely Ken Pearce