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Well the results are in. After talking to my doc on Monday, he diagnosed me as having a mild concussion and sent me off to the ER on Monday evening for a CT scan. The ER found no damage to the old head (no comments on quality of brain though) and concurred that it was a mild concussion.

I fared better than the helmet and the kart. The helmet will be replaced as soon as I can get one ordered, but it did it’s job well. The kart is a total loss as the rear frame tubes are both bent and are over 1/4″ different. Both the front and the rear of the kart were damaged with the end-over-end flips the kart did.

I really cannot wait to see the video now. I don’t remember much of it from sunday but everyone keeps telling me it was pretty spectatular.

I’ve got less than two weeks to get a new Arrow kart ready for the Rotax Max Challenge opener. It’s gonna be tight to get one shipped in and prepped but I think it’s doable.

Thanks to everyone, from the racers to the organizers for what was a really great event. It was mind altering 😆