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Kurt Freiburg

Thanks, Rod; your wit and wisdom just made my day!

Freezeman hit it perfectly. Keep in mind that SKUSA’s strategy is to be the premier regional racing organization. They are counting on a base of Briggs, KT100, and cheap-2nd-hand-kart local racers to draw from. The problem we have is that our club efforts are so fragmented, that the CSC’s direction tends to flow down to the clubs, not the other way around. If most/all of the tracks ran WKA/IKF/KART with similar rules (like other regions), we’d have more stability in classes that SKUSA isn’t interested in. I don’t think Joe Janowski understood the implications of this before coming out to GJMS.

Angie, can we have a special award for best forum poster at the banquet? I can think of a few candidates already…..