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Rodney Ebersole

I wouldn’t be too silent about the animal being claimed as dead.
Shure it was never alive to anyone in SKUSA just like S-1/2/3 isn’t alive in WKA or IKF races. CSC is just tring to tighten up the fragmintation that karting has. They can only base there decisions on participation, which is good. But obviously the average grass roots racer of industrial motors doesn’t want more orginization at higher exspences.
The time is ripe for a not so orginized OHV series. The problem is no shops or tracks around here want to cater to racers that have no budget to spend on racing. Hummm sounds like a loosing business plan I would jump into.

I will bet today 10 times more animal motors for karters are sold to the public across the USA then all the TAG motors combined. OK maybe just 5 times the amount. 😆
The animal/WF/F200 classes also are National Classes expecting growth, just not in the Nation of Colorado. I can only hope our sport grows here in our little nation to the point that we have too many series with lots of racers wanting to race. There is enough people in this state to have booth yacht and flat bottom racing clubs. The flatbottom racers just need to find the right pond to gather around.

My opinions are based from a lack of really knowing anything about what is best for me, let alone what would be best for you.

I want ride on the yacht, but I hope they don’t drain the pond while I’m gone.