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Mike Jansen


Let me clarify…

Races being stopped by red flags and the associated delays are understandable. I think you all did a FANTASTIC job of getting us out when you did! I thought we’d be done a heck of a lot later than when we did to be blunt and I was fine with that since what happened was unaviodable. (By the way, we know how Duff is you want to fill us in on your emergency excursion? :idn: )

It just irks me when I hear the constant droning of “there’s a drivers meeting” and then we wait till the slow few come slumbering up, then ask what they missed :bang That is disrespectful of your time, mine and everyone else’s.

Again, your “boyz and girlz” did a great job getting everyone asembled, gridded and gone. I just hope that the other tracks can follow your example! And the sammys :burger from the BEAR ROCK CAFE were second to none.