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Mike Jansen

Constantly changing, always improving…

And on that note I have to say this:

Drivers meetings are supposed to be short, sweet and to the point. Period. I was guilty of not showing up on time for the meeting for the same reason as last year. My time is VALUABLE. If you say you’re going to start it at 10 then follow up on your words. I sat in my pits and changed my tires while the meeting was supposed to start. How many others felt that way?

And another thing. Short, sweet and to the point is just that. I don’t want to hear rambling in a meeting that should have been over in 15 minutes (valuable track time). Make your point and move on, next issue…

Finally, I realize quite a few people didn’t have the ability at this race to practice on the saturday due to proms and babies being born but I think that one practice session on race morning is enough or make the second one 5 minutes (or the first one shorter and the second one the standard 10)

We have room to improve, I think we’re doing a great job, now keep constantly looking for improvements!

I am looking forward to those 20 lap mains!