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Doug Welch

There is another problem with seperating classes at the starts you guys maybe over looking. It’s just that much sooner before the fast guys catch the back markers of the slower karts. In the two classes I watched where the leader(s) were taken out by lapers was when they caught a solitary kart. If you put a lot of seperation between the classes, it’s just that much quicker laped traffic comes in to play.

In Tag senior/Tag Masters the difference between the fast and slow guys was more than 5 seconds. Given the usual and inevitable spins, this means that tte leaders were in lapped traffic by 8 laps. If we had seperated the starts by only 10 seconds, it would only make the problem come after 6 laps!

The obvious and best solution is for us to do two things. Eliminate classes that are poorly attended. The traditional cut-off is 3 karts. For an event such as the CSC, maybe it should be 4 or 5. Yes some classes maybe well attended at this or that track, but are they well attended for the series? If not, they should be eliminated. If they are strong at a particular track, then that class is clearly a club class, not a regional class.

The second is to eliminate the 2nd practice and get the show rolling before 9:30AM. It can be done. The morning practice should be a 5 minute warm up, a 15 minute drivers meeting and then, lets get it on. We can gain 2 full hours this way which would allow more classes to run on their own and eliminate or greatly reduce the combining of classes.