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Mr. Bellew,

First let me give you a little bit of background on where I am coming from:
You need to understand that it is very frustrating for me personally since I was willing to adopt SKUSA and after much research switch to a Gazelle for my son when I first learned about the whole SKUSA-CSC merger. I asked several of the CSC administrative folks if I should sell my Animals now and pick up a Gazelle for this year?s SKUSA-CSC before spending any more money on the Animal. I was told to hold off for now and that the Animal would be around for at least another year if not a couple more years. Even though I said to several CSC officials if we are going SKUSA let?s go SKUSA and get it over with now, I decided to stay with the Animal since I was already invested in it and besides, if nothing else show why it is an excellent choice for this age group when all factors are considered. So, I am sorry if it seems that I am putting more of ?my issues? about the current Junior 1 situation than I should be on your shoulders, but initially I really tried to do my part and make this Junior 1 hodgepodge class work.

Now to address any issues with you individually:
Do you remember those emails I sent to you? I do, I remember just two emails from you, the first email from you in which you expressed a very similar notion regarding 4 cycles of ?or have a desire to proliferate it? and that attitude is somewhat understandable and even acceptable. The second was the Animal engine rules you sent me. I reviewed and modified the Animal engine rules and sent them back to you for approval and never heard from you again. And at that very moment in time when I sent the rules back to you I too was excited, ?stoked? about SKUSA?s involvement this year. But that waned pretty fast as I sent several more emails asking if those changes were acceptable? and still never heard back from you. I also asked if I could be of assistances in helping with the chassis rules since you were very busy according to Angie. And once again, never heard from you, and that is when Angie step in and asked if I would be willing to write or mostly copy them from WKA. I did and sent them on to you for approval and once again never heard back from you. The first time I heard form you after all the above was when you posted on the site on how ?stoked? SKUSA was for the first CSC event. I am sorry but it is hard for me to get enthusiastic and give any of my money to an organization that doesn?t really think much of my son?s local karting class. I don?t think I was asking too much from SKUSA National Technical Director to simply return a couple of emails in regards to SKUSA business. And then again…..

You can contact me if you would like at 303.871.2411