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Mike Jansen


The corner workers do a great job! I know I reacted a little harshly to a young worker when he asked me to pull my kart into the infield farther (inside of the track not on the outside of the racing line) and I aplogized to him when the wrecker came to collect me. Sometimes we get heated but that is NOT a reason not to go back and say you’re sorry.

As for this weekend, realize one thing (I did from my contact with Rich Vito @ CSC @ IMI last year coming over the hill) contact is just a lottery ticket to have the type accident that Duff was involved in, kartwheels and a junkyard for what’s left of a frame.

However, we can point out drivers with “vapor lock.” Then, get them off the track to make them think of their actions. But if it’s happening in F1 (Rubens overly agressive pass last year that took him out, cant remember which race) and Nascar don’t think it won’t happen here. I am PROUD of the action that Jack Warrington, Rich Vito and Lee Gagna have at times. Does this mean we’re not agressive drivers? Heck no, but it means you get past me or stick a nose up to my sidepod and then i’ll give you the room you need and no more! Am I going to squeeze someone off the track like I’ve seen? No, I’d have to live with myself and couldn’t look in the mirror with that kind of BS.

Again, kids, adults, teens Parents… it’s the first race of the season and things will settle down. Reiterating rules, education and penalties for being stupid will make things settle down (AND IF IF IF YOU ARE GOING TO SAY YOU’RE GOING TO HAND DOWN A PENALTY THEN DAMMIT DO IT. HAVE THE BALLS TO HAND THEM OUT) Want an example? Cold pits is just that. Do it and you’re penalized or DQ’d, period. Fighting in the pits or conduct unbecoming of a driver or crew? Throw their butt out for 6 months or 6 races. :clap:

Concerned about the size of someone? I’ll be more than happy to be the enforcer. I bounced at a bar in college it was fun (and I was bigger) Just enforce what you say, period. Actions speak louder than words. You’ll get the results we all want to see. If someone has to drive home from being 86’d at an event let them think of that on their way home. But always remember rule #1: “you can always tell an idiot, you just cant’ tell them much”. Don’t expect them to understand why you sent them home all they can see is how everyone’s out to get them, it wasn’t their fault, yada yada yada.

Now, GJMS did a great job! Were they perfect? No. But then again who is. Keep up the good work you all involved in SKUSA and CSC. Looking forward to seeing you all at Bandi… With some good hard racing and (hopefully) you’ll seperate the classes with the most entries. They deserve such. Again, if a class has only 2-3 entries this needs to be addressed. Is it a hard decision? Of course! But sticking our head in the sand is not an option. Besides, Ostriches live in Australia not here! 😆

Lastly, weaving and blocking is not a style of driving! Drive your line and you can move once and once only. AJ Noud is a perfect example of this. If any of you missed it, coming down the straight he was mid track to protect and then moved over to the racing line to enter #1 corner. He did it also around the fast left hand sweeper. And AJ won the race in the second best specator class (we all know what class is number one in my unbiased opinion 8) )
That is how a professional driver protects his lead and earns my respect. Weaving is for baskets or drunks, not driving during a race…

Just my 2 sense worth