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Tom Dennin

The question I have about all of this is why were two of the largest classes forced to race with another group? Most of the problems in the TAG senior/Master race could have been avoided if each individual group had their own race. Just ask Donal, AJ, Dennis ………. In the end, it took more time picking all the pieces up than it would have if we would have had individual races for these two groups. The TAG master group had an option of racing with the TAG jr group or the Sr group. I can’t understand why we didn’t have an option of our own race.

All the talk about the flags and racers being held accountable is great and all, but how can you race if in almost every corner there is a yellow but the track wasn’t under a full yellow???????? By the last few laps of the the TAG Sr/Master race, there were karts everywhere. You had the pickup kart truck on the track and the karts were not even slowed down. Yeah sure they should have been but they weren’t. Why not throw a complete course yellow and get it under control and cleaned up??

Never-the-less, GJMS sure is a fun place to race. Thanks to all the crew and support cast for a great weekend. Hopefully,Bandimere will allow us to run the various TAG classes seperately.