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First, look for our update on the race at our new website soon.

Second, props to everyone attending the race.

As far as accidents I’ve made a strange observation this year. I’ve been to quite a few opening races this year around the country. There have been a lot of incidents early this year. In Indiana there were two ambulance trips and 4 insurance claims on one race from a track that has 4 claims all year. Two things, the planets must be aligned, and its early. Early season races can see this. This isn’t a Colorado “problem” it happens all over.

While the promoters of an event are there to provide services there are certain things they would expect racers coming to a REGIONAL event to understand, and rightly so. There are responsibilites we as racers and parents of racers need to take on our own. One is coming in knowing how flags work and what to do. If there are questions track personnel will help with a smile on. BUt, at that level it should be understood that racers need to prepare themselves, not a track officials responsibility.

I agree there seemed to be too much of what I describe as aggressive driving. Not giving up corners that were obviously lost and forcing an issue to the point of a crash. It wasn’t a matter of being rough driving, just over agressive.

I don’t think its a huge issue. KArts on their tops tend to be a self policing situation and people will chill for fear of them being on their top. As the season winds on it will settle down , always does.

Thanks again to everyone.