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Like I said, I don’t mind answering the questions. Gives me something to do. 🙂 My biggest concern is that people become aware of what’s in the rule book.

As far as what the rules go, its pretty staight forward. Go to our official website and the 2005 rules are listed there. What else is out there, I don’t know. They haven’t changed since being posted almost two months ago.
My suggestion is to hit print and have yourself a nice little pack of rules. What you’ll have is exactly what the printed book will contain. We are sorry about the belated nature of the printed book. With out making excuses, when I started on Feb 1st the book had not been fully completed and I felt it was better to get it right than rush out a bunch of mistakes. 2006 will be a completely different story.

Here’s how the book works. There are general rules that cover all the classes. Any exceptions to the general rules are listed specifically with that class. For example, the air box rule I stated covers all classes. In some situations Like JR1 or Tag there will be more specific guidlelines regarding what airboxes are legal. Since no specific regulations are listed under K3 regarding the airbox, the general rules apply.

Hope that clarifies an understandably confusing situation.