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I have tried to find the answers but there is nothing on the airbox requirement for k3. Unlike when we race stars there are specific air boxes for each class. I am not going to assume that the airbox covers all classes to include comer 80 and k3. I made assumptions last year, and we were using rules that had exceptions. I am making sure any question I have regarding the rules are answered specifically as I do not want to see my son DQed over my lack of information or interpetation. Sorry if this makes your job more difficult. I know it will get easier for you as time goes on and the season progresses forward. I am not asking just because i haven’t read what ive seen on the computer as far as rules. I will be happy when I have something I can reference at the track and not the differen’t rules ive seen various places on the internet. So I need to hear it from the tech director or have a printed rule book in hand. I didn’t send in my money for skusa that long ago and as of yet do not have a rule book.

Thank You,
Brian Moore
father of Brandon #77 comer 80 and novice shifter