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The SKUSA rule book is a very comprehensive book. Many questions I’ve fielded are plainly explained in the book. I don’t mind answering them but, I would assume you may be looking for the most timely understanding of your question. The book posted to our website is the exact same one I use to research questions.

Regarding air boxes. Rule specifically addresses what air boxes are legal.

Now, when you read through there you’ll notice our limit is higher than what is going to be enforced for GJ. We have provisions that allow local tracks that have special situations to lower the db requirement.

But, not to worry. If you are using a freshly packed silencer than hasn’t been cut down excessively and are using the airbox described you should be able to meet the requirements. One trick, if you aim the silencer tip down toward the ground helps reduce dbs with no performace loss.

As a side note. Hopefully some shops will have packing available because inevitably some one has an out of spec silencer.