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@streets2trackracer wrote:

Is it possible for lightweight, high tolerence candidates to enter any class? I’m only 155, but beer goes through me like water. Especially light beer.

How about the 30 stones grand finale challenge? 🙂

That makes you about 55# heavier than The FreezeMeister.

I’d like to say, that during my ill-fated tenure as RD at Action Karting (before JB) I found that hangin With the Freezeman after a long Friday evening listening to bitchy Jr 1 dads was a true relief. A true scholar and a gentleman, and excellent company when bending an elbow.

Go head-to-head with him in a Death March? I fare about the same if I tried to race with him.

And as far as your metabolic rate goes, chances are than Mansfield will be unconscious long before the reast of you, so if relief is required, I recommend using Craig as a target or something. He’ll never know the difference.