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Angie MacEwen

sorry for the mixup. You are right, as of the meeting, the plan was to have Big T at all events. It was mutually decided that it would work better for the GJ events, for the track to handle it. That was a last minute decision, and has caused some inconvenience…sorry. Hopefully you can understand why we have to have people purchase from the track, who is the supplier for this event. I do understand your position, let’s talk at the track.

Prices are :
MS98 5.85/gal
MS93 6.00/gal
C-12 7.50/gal
RS 7 9.50
RC3 8.25

Stacey has the original formula oil – prior to any problems. According to VP, all of the “bad” oil should be out of circulation, and the problem has been corrected.

Richard, of course you won’t be required to buy oil if you don’t use oil.

We had to spec an oil in order to make fuel testing managable. We chose VP oils because of the arrangement with the supplier. IF there is a problem with the VP oils, it will be addressed, and a different spec oil considered.

thanks, see you at the track…