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Angie MacEwen


Stacey is right on this one. Since he has stocked up on fuel and oil, he has to be assured he can sell it. And that will be the procedure for all CSC events.

Big T is not going over the mountain… by mutual agreement, GJMS is providing the fuel and oil. Big T will be at the other events. There will be fuel testing – and hopefully it won’t take any precious track time – but it will take some time, and you will have to be patient. This is something that is important, and needs to be done.

You will get a voucher for fuel and oil from GJMS when you pay for it with your entry. Then you will go and pick up your fuel and oil. You will go back to your pit and mix the fuel / oil as you normally would (leaving out any enhancers). Nothing else is different until which time you are asked to give a fuel sample. This may everyone, or may be the top 3-10, or may just be random. Be prepared, and be legal. You can bring your own fuel to test with prior to race day, but GJMS will be selling it for the same price as Big T, so you could save the hassle of toting it over the mountain if you wish.

Hope that helps.