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Mike Jansen

If you weren’t at IMI this weekend you all missed a treat.

Bill Elliott (NASCAR)was there signing karts and having fun watching you all race. Buddy Lazier (Indy 500 winner) was there and took out his rotax 250 superkart (now that, was fun to watch scream down the backstretch 8) ) And then AJ (I hope I spell this right) Allmindinger and Justin Wilson (both in Champ Car) were there practicing after the club race. It was fun seeing professional racers enjoying an off day karting, yes karting here in Colorado.

Anyway, If my pipe mount is in wednesday i’ll be practicing that afternoon or Thursday. (Brad, you control my destiny 😀 )

Cmon all you TAG racers, time to get out, test and tune and get ready for CRE this weekend or CSC the following.