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Doug Welch

@Jay Luttrull wrote:

The main reason for this kid kart class is for our children to have fun and I think that the parents (including myself) are loosing site of that fact. I hope that our children can race and have fun and the parents do the same.

With my appologies for stealing your quote, I would change one line. All karting, regardless of level, from kid karts to Pro 125, should be about FUN and sportsmanship. And far too many us have forgotten that.

We race for one reason, for FUN. While winning races and championships can make it more fun, they should not be your focus for racing karts. If you win every race in Colorado this year and every championship, you can take all those trophies and put them together and you might get $20 for them at the pawn shop. That’s all they are worth. The following year no one will remember, no will care. Only you and your kid will have the memories of the season. So why screw it up.

Better to have a good time, enjoy yourself, take a break, and savor each and every day you get to spend with your kid. All to soon they will be off to doing what it is they were meant to do in this world and you will be left with only memories. Do you want those memories to be good ones or bad ones?