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For those of you who are thinking of entering the comer class please do not be dicouraged by all the things you read. We have raced for three years and I can’t think of anything I enjoy more than a day at the races with my family. Of course for me it is alot of work, and the kids have fun. I have heard and seen just about everything in the racing environment. I have met some really nice people and I have met some not so nice people.
As with any sport there is a level of competition that brings out the worst in the parents and the best in the kids. I also coach hockey and the competitive spirit exists there as well. The coaching director there this year reminded me of what this is all about , should you choose to be involved. “Less than 1% of all the Junior Hockey players will ever make it to the College level much less the Pro’s.” Can you imagine the odds of your child becoming the next Formula one driver? However as parents we all think if we push hard enough it will be our little one that makes it. We all like to see our childeren excel at the things they do, so we can feel good about ourselves as well. If you go to the track watch the kids before and after the race. They all run around and play together, get in the karts drive, and come back and play together again until the next race. Most of the time thay have forgotten about winning or losing ten minutes after the race. Until the dreaded “DRIVE HOME” where dad will lecture all the way about what went wrong if the kid did not place first. There will be tempers that flare, there will be the Parents who live vicariously through there kids,
there will be the people who claim to know it all, and most of all there will be the friendships that will endure for years to come. This, like anything has good and bad. It is what you choose to make of it. I know alot of wonderful people in the racing community. Some of the best times we have had were not at the track at all, they were after the races when we shared dinner together or watched all the kids go swimming. We have had different rules all three years we raced and that is okay with me. The karting in Colorado is growing, and growing pains come with that. Remember it is for the kids, whatever the rules are, make it fun for them and yourselves. Don’t take anything (other than the Safety of the kids) too seriously. Go out and have some fun and meet alot of nice people win or lose. The kids know how to win and lose, ask yourself as a parent if you do, and if you can teach your child the character skills they will need in real life when they don’t win. See you at the races!!!!

My humble opinion,

Zipnby Racers Dad