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Angie MacEwen

@swhannum wrote:

2. Angie – What happened to the original post that spec’ed the gear at 78? It seems to suddenly be missing? This was presented as a done deal last week not as a test this week? The 78 gear was based on a resonable calculation with a guiding purpose not the passing “feelings” of racers or managers who do not have any of their children running in this class.

Scott, the original post is under Q&A for the Race Director
I thought it was agreed, but am sorry to say that I was wrong 😳

and the class purpose is on the Rules page…
this is what is says….
Class Purpose
The Kid Kart class is an entry level racing environment which primary purpose is to offer a safe, fun, and educational experience for its participants. This class serves as an opportunity to train and teach beginning drivers, and their parents, about proper event procedures, safety rules, racing etiquette, driving skills and sportsmanship.

Scott, I do not think that the personal name calling and accusations belong here on this forum. Some of the things you brought up are total rumors, and it is not fair to bring it up on a public forum. I have deleted your post because of this. You are welcome to repost your ideas WITHOUT the personal digs. I have tried not to moderate on this forum, and let people say their piece, but with this I have to draw the line.

Let’s try to keep this conversation constructive to the class. I think there have been major steps in a good direction for the Kid Kart class. Now we need to get to the track and see how it goes. We can all discuss this reasonably, like adults. Remember the class purpose and what we want to teach our kids. That includes our behaviour off the track (like at the drivers’ meeting).

As to what the gear will be at the first CSC race… it will still be announced next week, by our Race Director.

I hope everyone is planning on attending this first IMI race!!!

see you there.