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Tom Dennin

To all,

I truely appreciate all the help and advice that Doug has provided me in the last year. I would like to hear it directly from the tech director for the CSC Mountain SKUSA region, that way there will be no misinterpretation. Dennis tell me/us what you will DQ with regards to airboxes in the TAG class.

Why would the 2003 KG box be illegal? The flutes measure under 23mm and extend greater than 95mm in length. Obviously from the date imprinted on the box it was not homologated in 2004. Therefore, it should be legal. It does not break any of the TAGUSA rules in section 2.1 I also would like to know why the RR airbox is illegal??? Not simply that it is illegal. Spending money on a new airbox doesn’t seem to breaking any of the rules in TAGUSA section 2.1

All I want is a legal airbox with holes that measure 22mm (+/-1mm) that extent greater than 95mm in length and isn’t a 2004 homologated cik,KG or freeline box. I think the I have found one in the 2003 KG box.

If it wasn’t important to me to not break the rules I would not be bothering with this.