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Doug Welch

I talked personally with Marty Casey about this air box issue early this week. All 2004 CIK homologation air boxes are illegal. That includes the 2004 R/R.

The reason for the 22 mm dimension relates to some older boxes that are slightly larger than 22mm that were shipped on many engines, including Leopards and others. Also, some engines came with RLV boxes that were slightly over 22mm. According to Marty, he felt that he needed to put a dimension on the air tube size so that all of the older size homologations would be legal and the tolerance was generious so that no one would get dq’ed. It was not intended to sneak in the new style boxes which are clearly not allowed.

The reason for not allowing the newer style boxes in Tag is to help control costs to the racers. The newer style boxes do create a little more power and most racers would have to go out and get a new box at a cost of around $100. Not a single engine comes with the new box any way.