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Tom Dennin

You know I would like to know about the airbox issue as well. I have read the rule and I need to know if a cik-fia 2003 KG airbox is legal. It literally says 2003 on it. I am assuming that means homologated in 2003. I also would like to know if a Righetti Ridolfo (sp) is legal. Understand, I do know the wording of the rule in TAGUSA.

Quoted from the TAGUSA rules:

2.1. AIR BOX – CIK or, RLV approved air box with two inlet tubes not to exceed 22.0 mm (+/- 1.0 mm) inside diameter and 95.0 mm minimum length. The 2004 homologated CIK, KG and Freeline boxes are not legal.

I have e-mailed Marty Casey and Dave Larson to no avail.

Let it be known, I believe both of the airboxes I have questioned above should be legal. We are less than a month out to the first race. Time to test is starting to run short. If they are deemed illegal, please let me know why I would appreciate it very much. Jetting is hard enough here in CO without wasting time with illegal equipment.

Thanks and welcome aboard Dennis,