Kurt Freiburg

Greg, and the Track Owners-

I’m still confused about the status of the 4 stroke senior class in this state.

For the IMI club races, what happens if Brad finishes a deal with MG for tires, and that becomes the spec tire there too? Brad’s recent post implied that the door may not be closed with MG yet. If that was a major stumbling block with the CSC, what will be the group’s reaction at IMI?

Also, what engine rules will we be running at IMI? Nothing posted as far as I can tell.

And for CRE, what class will we be running? The only posted 4 cycle senior class is World Formula. I doubt that WKA will allow a mixed bag class like the CSC ran last year. So how are Lim Mod Animals, WFs, stock Animals, Blue Wazooms, and misc. flatheads all going to run? Do we have the requisite 4 racers with any one of these engines to start a class? I assume we have enough limited modifieds (this may be a bad assumption), but what will happen to the others? IMI only? And by the way, CRE specs SL-4 Dunlops for the WF class, so the spec tire issue doesn’t look like it’s going away there.

What class and rules will Bandimere run for their special events (if any)?

For the record, I have no problem with joining SKUSA even if the 4 cycle class was “local option”, and I have no problem with buying a spec tire (except that I’d like to run MG Oranges for a little longer life). Those “extra” costs are minor in the overall budget. I am disappointed that I had no input or information about the abandonment of the 4 cyc sr. class until it was (apparently) a done deal. I really wanted to race at GJMS and Steamboat.

I have a co-worker who is getting back into 4 strokes this year who is disappointed also, as a multi-track state championship was very appealing. I’d guess that there other newbies looking in who think the same way.

There are many great things about the 4 cycle class. It’s relatively cheap for one (or at least can be with a good set of rules). It’s a great place to learn to race. Family members can run the same or similar engines, doubling the savings. And from what I saw last year, the racing and comraderie are fantastic. All of this is why I decided not to run a shifter for now.

This is a class we need to promote to potential new racers, not abandon. Let’s keep organized, before this goes the way of the KT and we have no low cost class at all.