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My name is Charlie Schendzielos.

ended up 10th………was as high as 5th ….but my ribs were KILLING me……and i was dealing with a LOT of grip………i was on 2 wheels through 4 of the corners! Not bad for my first race ever i guess. This was only the 2nd weekend I had even driven the Easykart, whick speaks of it’s great chassis setup stock.

I could’ve gotten 7th, but a black flag with a red square showed up, and i thought that meant stop! 3 guys went flying by, and i couldn’t make up the difference in the last 2 laps. Damn.

Oh well…..i learned a TON ………especially from the Galegors who i traveled with. They helped me so much, I can never say enough. Great people. I felt so bad for Bret. He struggled with carb problems the whole time there…….DAMN DUST! I know he would’ve easily been in the top ten.
Same for Dustin Courter. He almost finished 5th, but got taken out.

Can’t say enough for how nice a lot of the people were their. Oakland Valley Raceway’s team helped me by letting me use a stand, the Johnson’s from Iowa let me use a set of tires for practice. They were all great.