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Angie MacEwen

Well, it looks like there will not be a Briggs Modified class in the CSC this year. The sponsor and several racers have opted to stay out and boycott the series.

Just to clarify…. the decision to not allow the Briggs an exception to the tire rule did not come from SKUSA, it was made at the CSC level. The CSC chose to go with SKUSA’s spec tire because it meant getting money back into the series that will help offset the cost of things like Race Director, Tech Director, etc. If the CSC allowed one exception, the door is now open for everyone else to start requesting exceptions.

As for the $125 for NOTHING…. I suppose I could type until my fingers fell off, and some still won’t agree with the decision to align ourselves with SKUSA. $75 of each membership goes to SKUSA, and that “gets you” your rulebook, etc. But more than that it means that the CSC now has an organization behind it, legally, to support us with whatever may come up.

We have a complete, thorough, rule book, which the organization is taking the time to supplement with our classes that don’t fall into their existing guidelines. So, this makes some classes “local option”. I am not even sure that is an accurate name for them, because those classes are also fully supported by the national organization – they just are not run in every region, and therefore not candidates for the national events. The local option classes get everything that the SKUSA national classes get except 2 races – The Nations Cup and the SuperNats. I don’t know how anyone can expect so much from a national organization, such as SKUSA, without wanting to support it financially. The other $50 goes to the CSC, and that will pay for the new positions of Race Director and Tech Director, awards, administration, etc. We will have a little more coming in than last year, but the expenses are going to be more, as well. The idea is not to build up a huge bank account for the series, rather, to have enough to get through the year, and maybe be able to buy some needed equipment for the CSC – such as tech equipment .