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Ron Rudolph

Hey Don! I had purchased an animal prior to not knowing of the CSC being sanctioned by SKUSA. I then switched to the K80 , and the reasons are numous, but the most important was my past experiance with Travis.
After he won the Rocky Mountain SKUSA 80 jr championship in 1999- I applied for an S1 license for him, Skusa had me send his resume and @ 14 Yrs of age he was granted the license-well that was not a good move on my part as it was too much to soon. The Point I’m stating is ” faster is not always better”, and with Ryan coming out of the kid kart class I felt the move to a slower engine would produce a better learning experiance as to becoming faster by being a smoother driver with less HP vs fighting the high HP of the animal. Granted once Ryan has more seat time then
he will move on to the next level( which is ?). So I will reinerate your statement of whats safer and still competitve for my 8 yr old, I now know the right choice was made for my driver, just hope they are ran as a stand alone class- per Skusa rules.
Don hope to see you and your son in the CSC this season!