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WKA runs on Alcohol. Last year Jr1 was gas. I searched for “gas ” and “alcohol” in all four languages and I could not find them. What do these CSC Jr1 Animals run on?

They run on excitement of course! 😆

Rod, quit using that scary HP number for the gas animal. 😯 If you want to go after a motor go after the mini’s.

Now, at this time the CSC Junior 1, 4cycle class are going to run on gas (VP93 or VP98) with no restrictor plate, and yes they more than likely will be flirting with breaking the 1:00 minute barrier again at IMI (the tires may help that out). As I have posted elsewhere regarding the safety issue, I think they should move the Comers into the recently vacated Briggs modified class.

Unfortunately NO Junior 1, Animal has committed to race the SKUSA-CSC Junior 1, 4cycle class. Angie or CSC has yet to respond to that “magical” number that must be meet to make a class and I can only guess on why. And until they respond to that and the refunding issue if a class fails to form, I don’t think that number will change much if any. I know of two other dads who will not committed to SKUSA-CSC, Junior 1, 4 cycle class since they may not get a full refund of their money. I am truly sad to say this and really hope that I am wrong, but at this point and time I don’t think you will have to worry about the Animals/4 cycles in CSC. The only exception to this may be when the CSC shows up at IMI.

We have talked several times about their speeds, but now, to some degree there is an option, parents can choose to slow their 8 year olds down by putting them in Comers or speed them up by putting them in Animals or Minis. My wish would have been that CSC had enough foresight to keep just one engine for the Junior 1 class, cause look what they have done to this strong class from last year. In fact they could have pick the one motor package no one has here thus effecting everyone equally; the IAME Gazelle. This definitely would have resolve most of the safety and tech issues while keeping the price below the minis somewhere equal to the Comers. As someone with more experience than I in this sport pointed out: It would be better in the long run to bite the bullet and make it a one engine class. After all it is about competing and having fun and more horsepower/speed isn’t going to make these young racers better competitors. Even competition is what is going to test their abilities and skill levels and they can accomplish that at safer speeds. Besides being safer it is much easier on parent’s pocket books.