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Angie MacEwen

Mike, If you know people that are going to race – please help them get the forms to join! I am adding names to “the list” when people send in their membership forms – not as they request to be added. So, this is official numbers, for now. I am sure that we are going to have many wanting to wait until the first event, but it is going to hurt the CSC by doing so. As Tom mentioned, we are going to have to prebuy our fuel – and make sure that we have enough. Big T needs two weeks, so that means not only should we be getting memberships… but very soon there will be an entry form for the first event.

Tom, you are right… we are working on the actual process for fuel distribution. It will be done soon, and then we will fill you in. Just know that we are working to streamline it, and make it as easy as possible on the racers. And on the fuel, you should be prepared to start off with a new, clean fuel jug to avoid any possible chance of contamination.