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Rod, The biggest reason to adopt and follow a clear set of simple, cut and dry, no B.S. rules is as follows: people MOST OFTEN make the already giant investment because they want to RACE (drive)! Basic tuning and driving well enough to win, as you know, are already mind twisting tasks. If you care about the growth of our great sport, you won’t ask every guy out there to be a machinist, toolmaker, tire engineer, chemist, meteorologist, and forever so forth. I absolutely believe that YOU, could competently groove your own tires. Are you sure all your neighbors could? :bs: You already have every skill, times 3, to win within’ these simple and commonly understandable rules. Use the system to your advantage. Get a set of rains, peel off the wrapper on race day, and go out and kick tail. You know you would. Jooiinnn uusss … JOOInnn uuusss. :rotate: :rotate: :rotate: