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Ok, Angie or Rusty, at the meeting it was mentioned that to easily differentiate the three Jr 1 classes from each other, each class would use a different background color for their corresponding number plate. Can we get the background color for each of the classes?

For the Junior 1 4cycle motors which fuel will we be running as spec fuel the 93, 98 or ? octane? I would like to know so we can begin practicing with the proper fuel.

Questions for Brad:
It is my understanding that we will be running MG yellows at IMI track races too, but will the same spec fuel be ran at IMI track races as for CSC races (Big T) or will we be running IMI’s fuel?

Brad, at the meeting you said that your track rules would mirror SKUSA-CSC rules. Will there be tech at IMI like that which is suppose to occur at CSC races or will protesting be the main tech method?