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Ya I was wondering why my final bill was $1,000 more than I was quoted.

You can raz me guys I can take it. :argue

Seriously, I went with Mirage because they had a CRG/Kali chasis and gave me $400 off and also had a new rotax motor.

Stacy you were the only supplier that had both chassis and motor. SSC, Acceleration and IMI didn’t have them. I got impatient and would not wait and went with Mirage, because of the $$$$$ off.

If I went with George with the Arrow A-max I would have had everything 3 wks ago, but I choose the CRG. The BTK website still is not up.

Sorry I am just an outcast, a rebel, a weirdo, funny they use to call me “high School Harry” in College!

see ya soon at the track

I get my kart tomorrow!!!!!!!! Man am I excited.