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Everyone, first thanks for the information and debate it’s very helpful for someone like myself who is fairly new to this sport. All of the descussion and the proposed rules sound good overall to me. It sounds like a few technical (measurements, etc.) items need to be varified and that should be easy enough to do. As a general comment I see it boiling down to two main fundimental items and I don’t always hear it being prioritized :
#1 Safety! We love our children and if we do not protect them no one else will. Some of you know my racing background and can imagine that I like going fast at least as much as anybody. However, even if the step from Kid Karts to Jr 1 is a little bit of a jump, the maturity and judgement level between a 5 year old and an 8 or 9 year old is massive. The single safest and cheapest thing we can do to the class is to limit the gear and yes a tire roll-out spec, (33 3/4″) is a must also, period. The safety and proper developement of the child should drive everything else. I heard of a Jr Dragster race last year that had high cross winds and some of the cars were getting out of shape at the top end. The parents were worried. The track management said keep going we need to finish. The parents said we’re not running. Bravo parents! The stock muffler will help too. Besides I can’t start and work on my kart anymore at home because it’s too loud. #2 It is important to be more in line with the rest of the country, for many reasons. Lets appreciate the learning curve that other groups have already been through. Two classes are fine but it must be driven by number of entries not by the desire and/or ego to go fast. I would love to have to split the class because we had 45 entries! But the dif. between the #22nd qualifier in the first group and the #1 qualifier in the second group is 1/2 second.

For people who are actually in this class please be sure and submit your point by point comments regarding the proposed rules to Rob at [email protected] by this Fri. so that he can compile them and re-send them to all of us for review. I think we are all pretty close with maybe one or two exceptions. We want there to be enough time after we submit our comments that if we need to have a meeting together there will be enough time. Thanks for listening!

Scott Hannum