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Bearing and seal are a tech item in WKA. And yes Don, I am just scared and jealous that when one of these Jr.1 4-stroke pilots tries to drive off riding my generator because it sounds like your riding go kart. oops… sorry

Hey Brad that’s another class we need. Racing Riding Mowers They can use the old Kidkart rules: Run Wut cha Brung

OK back to the subject:
Splitting the class on a club level maybe if Rich Vito doses off and we are real quiet with our stock 2 factory hole mufflers. We just might get by with

As for a fixed gear it puts us that much closer to what the rest of the country is doing.

As for not having any Jr.1 rules yet, I do understand your frustration. Just pray your rules don’t have the T word infront of Jr.1

Don, send me a PM with address and zip. I will send you some late presents.

Scott Smith