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Hey, missed you guys at the “Big” meeting. I understand what you are saying about the data acquisition and we didn’t run any of that kind of stuff and did very well in that class but to run a tach for $50 or MyChron3 is still just an option. But as we both know an extremely valuable tool especially as the driver and the mechanic grow in experience and eventually move up into the next class. In my opinion, if they really were trying to keep the cost down then there are several other areas to focus on such as not allowing them to run open bearings and seals. To the best of my knowledge, they can not run self-aligning bearings and 80 Comer seals at any other national kid kart class except here, so if any kid karters plan to run say ?Kid Kart Nationals,? they now have to first pay to add these items to their motors here to be competitive and then either have them removed or purchase another motor to run elsewhere. Really, if it is a cost issue then they should insist on a box stock kid kart with stock motor, 89 tooth sprocket, stock air box and muffler, etc. Just add gas and oil and go. That for sure would be a very cost-effective class and besides be very competitive too.

To deal with that issue of running a fixed gear and then ballooning the tire as you mentioned is that they do measure the diameter around the tire and there is a max dimension it can be.

My two cents,