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Doug Welch

No problem, it wouldn’t cost squat to put it back together. The $50 protest fee would easily cover all my costs.

They could have taken the Rotax apart if they would have paid for the seal to be put back in place. I made that offer. But $50 wouldn’t have covered the shipping, let alone the $250 bill for the inspection. Had I let them tear it apart, we wouldn’t have been able to race the next two times out. Its that simple. We went to a SEALED motor class so that we didn’t have to put up with STUPID protests like that. Besides, the guy who made the protest has since come up and appolgized to us for making the protest in the first place. We’ve forgotten it, its a shame that there are some who just can’t let it go.

What you and others seem to fail to understand, its all about the money. I don’t have much. I have less in both my karts than you have in one of your engines. I traded parts for my Rotax engines. I use seconds that I can’t sell for the parts in our karts. My tow truck is 15 years old and has 195,000 miles on it. My daily driver is 16 years old and has 174,000 miles on it. My wife’s car is 11 years old and has 136,000 miles on it. If I sold all my cars, the total wouldn’t buy one of your karts.