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Doug Welch


A stock moto comes in a kit. The parts are NOT assembled by Honda. Some one has to put it together. It can be done by a kid on a dirty gargage floor or by a Paul Leary in a clean room environment. Which one do you think will deliver more power?

The crank has to checked before it can be installed, it’s part of the assembly process. If you had a Honda repair manual, you would see it tell you how to do it. The power valves have to be plugged, its part of the assembly process. You can just shove them in, or you can grind them carefully in another cylinder (remember you can have no grinding marks in your stock cylinder), then install them in your stock cylinder. Both methods are legal, just one works much better. You can attach the stator in just any old postion or you can put it on the dyno and set the timing to a particular spec. Which do you think generates more power?

What you and many others are confusing all this with is stock moto with novice. Same mistake of Tag and novice. Thats a bunch of crap. What your saying is that the good driver has to spend a silly amount of money or he can’t race. We are tired of spending stupid amounts of money just to go a few ticks faster. For what, a plastic trophy? Do you really think Penske is going to give us a ride in an Atlantic car if we win a bunch of go kart races? Are you saying Greg has to race Pro or he can’t race? I can’t afford to put him in a $6,000 Swedetech Pavesi and feed the darn thing and new bottom end every other time out. Been there, done that.

NO. All classes should be open to any racer who builds a kart for that class unless its a designated novice class. Stock moto is a class that just makes sense for a lot of racers like us who a sick and tired of spending stupid amounts of money on engines to go only a .5 second faster. I can build a brand new stock moto engine to legal specs that will deliver 38hp for around $3,000 and the silly thing will flat run all year long with little or no maintenance. The Pro class should be worried about the stock class, a good driver in a stock package will give you fits on a techical track and spend a fraction of the money doing it.

We may put a ring in it half way through the season just to say we did something to it but it won’t really need it. And it should run within a 5. to 1 second of the best karts on most of the tracks around here. (very close at Action Karting and CRE, not so close at IMI) We can have fun with it all year and spend a fraction of what your average ICC guy will spend trying to stay in front of us.

Yes Marc, I have raced moto before, I have built motos, I have run them. I was building them and running them before you got your first kart. Sp please, dont accuse me of cheating, and don’t tell me I dont know what I’m talking about.