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Rodney Ebersole

Karterdad, I agree we don’t need the novice or pro name to identifie a class when there is no differances in the equipment needed to compete in it. I am a Briggs racer with a shifter kart that needs to be driven. It has a moto motor that I am shure wouldn’t comply as a stock CR125 so S3 is out of the picture. Then to choose any other shifter class I am having to compete against ICC’s. That chioce doesn’t sound good either. That leaves me with three avenues to go down. Leave it parked, buy a stock moto, or buy an ICC. I have been a die hard karter for years, and will decide on a class to race in, yet we shure do make it hard for anyone to decide to run in this sport. As a new shifter pilot I only see three classes pro/ pro heavy and stock. Yet no class for a mod moto, which I thought made shifter racing what it is to date.