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To be honest I am not sure. I’ll ramble for a moment and reveal some of my thoughts.

The Pro class in 2004 was pretty stinkin? large at times. Adding another 10 makes it a wad at Steamboat and Action Karting. I believe there were 20-22 Pro drivers at IMI. Is 30-32 too big? I don’t know. I always considered Pro level racing just that. Let the drivers that are committed for several years battle. The Semi-Pro rank was for guys like me. Limit track availability, better than beginner, but off of Pro level on budget and track time. It also makes a great step for the transition racer, the 2nd stop on a 3 rung ladder. I don’t argue that a person could run a year at entry-level shifter and go to the pro level and run “ok”. That based on having good support and top-notch equipment. The Semi-Pro level has always made sense in several types of racing. Semi-Pro racers can buy the year old pro stuff at a reduced cost. If I have to run with the Pro guys I need to add $4000 dollars to my budget right away. I am not sure that’s possible right now. I won’t race if my equipment can’t win! I like the knowing it is the driver beating me, not his kart or engine. There are multitudes of people that won’t compete if they can’t compete up front. If you go to the track, knowing you can’t win, your interest leaves quickly. Smaller development classes give more people chances to podium. That will maintain interest and entry numbers. I for one like the challenge of against the odds competition, but many don’t. I have considered running the Pro class “just to see how I’d do”, I’ve always had a confident ego and believe I can compete in anything, 8) but the $$ hold me back.

I think the package you mentioned would be great in 2006. Let everyone be aware of where the group (CSC) wants to head. People will have time to make plans to run whatever class they want. I started making my plans at Steamboat. Changing rules with two months before the first race is a little tough for some. I am a little undecided on the S3 class taking off. It seems like people would enter in the stock class, modify their moto for their second year then go to pro. That 3-year plan is pretty affordable. The S3 might take off for the people that want to convert from TAGS.

Those are my thought for what they are worth. Like I said I am not sure what is best. I just know what the group I raced with wants. I’m not the best author so I hope that makes SOME sense. 😀