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Rodney Ebersole

OK, lets say there is a 125 dollar member fee to race CSC. How do we get people from other areas that raced just one of our races to race for one day? Do they pay 125 plus the 75 entry fee for a day of racing the CSC?
How do we grow our member numbers after the start of the season?
I Have been trying to decide which class I should play in. As an old die hard briggs guy I hate to give it up to play in one of the five different shifter classes. I don’t understand the need of S1/S2/S3/G1/Pro.
If that is really needed for the 125 racers maybe the Briggs WKA racers should have there own series of races. Then a TAG or shifter racer could run the CSC plus a WKA series, or a Briggs racer could also run booth. This would be good for me as I am wanting to run my shifter, yet I still love my fellow Briggs racers and hate to leave that behind to choose a different class with just one or two others in it.
It could also add the parents of racers that wish to run a TAG or 80 shifter and also run WKA Jr classses. Maybe not this year but next year a feeder seriers to the CSC could help? Or is Club racing going to be the benifactor of more orginization of the CSC?
After the first race of the CSC series all classes with less than 4 karts should be eliminated, as there will not be any more than that for the rest of the season.