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Never fear I came out just when the Sun went behind the clouds and it got cold.

Put some flyers in my kart on the IMI floor. Brad has my kart in the 3rd row with dusty and dirty ones ahead of mine. How could you not take a deal I have set up 8 hrs of free training with purcahse of the kart!!!

I walked around the the lot and talked with Kurt and Jim Kessling and left. angie you were correct the lot was very active. Amazing what warm weather does to karters.

I am getting the itch bad-my CRG Kali lacks the AIM steering wheel and CRG graphics kit. i hear i will have it the 24th or thereafter. Time to start ordering all those little things I will need.

Okay who is skidplate? What you run, division and number?

Sorry I’ll miss ya all at the meeting-New Orleans here we come-I love all the gumbo and fish and my wife hates it. Ya I am going to miss the Daytona 500!!!!

Like I said before, the Race guys in Colorado are striclty the greatest. Everybody is so helpfull for the newbies all the way up to me & Viagra guys.

Watch out Mr. Jensen the CRG is coming, you better borrowed that jet fuel that our late departed buddy used-Dennis Garwood. haven’t heard from him in a long while is he still racing?
:cheers: :box