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Wideopen!!!, yes I too checked into the 80cc Comer and it was about $1600 for a motor and to have “magic” done to it from Woltjer. In fact a lot of these parts from that side of pond are going to continue to rise due to the Euro-Dollar exchange. This reason alone may help make the Animal a viable solution for several more years. I can have two Animal motors with the “magic” done to them plus have them each rebuilt mid-season and still be cheaper than the minimax motor. At this time we are going with the Animal since we are well ground in it even though a buddy of mine is suggesting a Gazelle ($1600) since that is probably the best choice for the future as long as we are SKUSA bound. That Easy Kart 60cc sure looks tempting! After more is said than done, we here within Colorado are at least lucky that SKUSA-CSC is accommodating and giving those hated ?potato diggers? a chance to show their stuff.