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David and I would be interested if J1speed would open the Rotax Junior class. @Dave Galegor wrote:

I have seen that a lot of karter’s have looked at Anthony’s post from
J1 Speed, but not a single person has responded.
I see all the other post about everyone bellyaching about rules, classes,


I love the fact that the spot light is on the drivers 15 and under.
And a program that is designed to help develop these drivers.
I for one will throw my hat in ring, Anthony, Bret and I will be more
than happy to volinteer (or however you spell it) our help at the event.

If you haven’t studied their program, go to and check it
out. Plus look at the national event schedule. Pretty impressive program.

Colorado Jr. racers, from what I can tell the purpose of J1’s post was
to find out if you want them to bring their program here for YOU.
How’s about opening up and let them know what you think.[/b]