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Doug Welch

I have not lobbied for any CSC date to change at any time for any reason this year. A conflict with Rotax grands doesn’t affect us at all as we do not intend on going. In fact, we won’t be contending for any CSC championship this year as there are too many conflicts with the current dates and other things we think are more important.

Jeff is off to his real life now, so his racing is most likely over and Greg is off to marching band this fall and most likely will not be attending any races this fall. Plus, we have a couple of dates out of state we would like to do this summer that come on CSC dates. At best we will only do 4 CSC races this year.

Change them how ever you like. I’m just pointing out that for every change to suit one guy or group of guys, there is another group of guys that will not go because of the change. If you change the date to one that stomps over a CRE date, then you won’t get any of those guys that may have been interested in attending a CSC date. That is why we have drops, so that a racer can do other things and not be taken out of a championship.