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Tom Dennin


I do not believe that what has been said is correct.

As per the TAGUSA rules section “2.2. CARBURETORS – As supplied from the manufacturer, jetting open.”

My understanding was that the body of the carburetor must not be physically altered. Other than that the carb is open. The original cap and spring for the Rotax is a joke. That big spring and cap that if you turn to hard on it will crack. Mine cracked for no apparent reason at all.

My understanding is that the cap, spring, slide, the sleeve which the slide fits, atomizer, emulsion tube, inner pilot jet, outer pilot jet, floats, needles, starter jet ( I am not sure if that is what it is called), and main jet can be altered. In other words anything that attaches to the carb and that would include the cap.


PS-> Just another thought, if everyone agrees that changing the slide is within the rules then wouldn’t the slide, spring and cap be all one part
(ie. “the slide”) . They are sold as one unit and once more they were designed to go together. I take this as simply a jet change which is within the rules.

Remember this, I ask all of these question so I can be sure to be within the rules. I do not believe in using ignorance as an excuse.