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Mike Jansen

Ahhhhh Dictatorships in auto racing, you gotta love it or don’t you?

Bill France in NASCAR has made it what it is today
IRL and CART are a mess because they all want to be the boss but no one has the cojones to be da man
Bernie Eccelstone has made F1 what it is since the 70’s.
Do you all see a trend here???

I said it last year and i’ll say it again, put an “x” through the number of a newbie. All it denotes is someone new to the sport, period. In time they’ll get the “x” removed.

Organization, speed things up so we race instead of wait. Wouldn’t ALL classes like another few laps if possible?

I don’t know ANYTHING about kid’s karts and such so i’ll keep quiet on that, I simply don’t know.

Rolling start classes, get the classes set up better, if you jump you get one chance and if you do it twice you go to the back.

Those are my thougths. In my order of priority…