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Rodney Ebersole

Call them what you will. I just know that if I am at any of the Tracks in Colorado, I am at there home and must play within there rules. Call it dictatorship if you want, but I call them the guy with the key to the gate.
CSC is the best thing Colorado Karters have going.
It would take a strong arm of a large group of racers to be able to tell the tracks what we want to do. I don’t see us racers being that unify’ed togather to even know as a group which direction we all are taking, let alone the track owners tring to satisfy all these groups.
Just maybe last year and the year before the CSC messed up a little and handed the power of the racers over to the track owners. At least this year will be a start in putting the power of all the racers in the hands of racers represenitives instead of the tracks reps. Remember it takes some warm up laps before we can get up to speed. Maybe Jay would want to be the new head of the CSRA? The Colorado Sprint Racers Ass. 🙂 Sorry Jay but it does sound good.