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When I read the above comments I have to tell you i was laughing. Brad your comment on the Huns was great and Angie afraid to say anything was another.

You did it again Brad-My wife and I will be in new Orleans for the meeting second yr in a row and sell my kart will you.

My comments:
*I want a rule/marking/enforced on Newbies; get it on the race day registration form, set up the rules for it and enforce it;
*i would like strict time enforcement throughout the race day-your not on the grid lined up and ready to go you loose; no waiting; cut practice rounds; get those long pre-race meeting over quickly; get us out early
*cut the classes or run them together staggered.
*increase race laps set them for the year not vote every week on them.
*2 people teching every race day not 1
*aggressive drivers and we have some get the black flag not a warning; You give them too many breaks and they are the same people every year.
*pole sitters & all racers get one start chance if not done right they go to the tail end no second chances. Many of the racers have been racing awhile and they know-it is not a re-learned skill every year.

Thanks for all your help