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@Angie MacEwen wrote:

There will be a meeting… however, it won’t be a big voting session. There will be little, if anything at all, that will be open for the kart racers to vote on. I guess I would say it is more of a tradition being upheld here, by having a “meeting” where things can be discussed over some cold beer and tasty pizza!

I know everyone is getting anxious to see the rules. You are going to have to be patient for a little longer. Boy, I thought with the announcement of Race Director it would keep people happy for a few more days! We are working on this, and you can expect more announcements to be made soon as to rules, meetings, and so on.
A couple of things you can be certain of… there will be a rule book and there will be tech.

As for the schedules, CSC, IMI, GJMS and CRE have them out. The CSC schedule is official.

thanks for getting the schedule out early…i appreciate that.
Also, i think that the meetingis a great idea because i want to meet everyone and get started 2005 off right!